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Why Vinayak Group :: Jute suppliers since 1973
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Suite No. 65, 5th Floor,
Martin Burn House,
1, R.N. Mukherjee Road,
Kolkata, PIN - 700 001,
West Bengal, INDIA


Finding a right supplier is not easy and often time consuming. A concern that arises frequently in the mind of buyer is whether the supplier is providing goods at a lower price while maintaining quality and delivery schedule. A question that should be asked then is- What factors sets us apart from our competitors? We underline some of our strengths below.
  1. Established business:

    We have been successfully operating since 1973 and have seen the best and worst of the jute market. With five manufacturing cum warehousing units exceeding 40,000 square feet we can handle your order efficiently. The sound knowledge about the market, practical experience and modern infrastructure sets us apart from our competitors. The trust and support of our client has helped us in emerging a stronger organization and we wish to continue the trend. We are currently in the expansion mode and construction will start soon on another 59,000 square feet.
  2. Global experience, local knowledge:

    Our extensive network with the local raw materials supplier and sound knowledge about the buyer requirements, we understand the requirements of our customers. Having stitched 500+ million bags since inception is a testimony to our experience and dedication to this field. We have processed customized order numerous times in the past and eager to do the same in future.
  3. Cost effective pricing:

    We work on small margins. This is possible as we process bulk orders and have integrated front and back end of the manufacturing process. Unlike others we do not aim to establish one-time short-term relationships. We believe success is in sales turnover and therefore we charge lowest possible price. The key to our success is to have repeat customers. We, however, would like to add that the competitive price is not taken at the cost of supplying low quality material.
  4. Unsurpassed quality:

    Goodwill is our main asset. We never compromise on quality. Having a valuable four decades of experience has taught us about the paramount importance of maintaining quality. We think customer (and customer’s customer) is king and without them no business is healthy and sustainable in the long run. You have our word on it.
  5. Professional, on time delivery and flexible:

    Unlike others, we do not cancel order even if price rises. Our dedicated team always keeps you updated about your order and endeavor to respond to your queries as soon as possible. We know the importance of delivery deadlines and schedule and hence plan in advance to avoid any disruption. Having an advantage of owning multiple manufacturing units puts us in the position to customize your order and specifications to taste.
  6. Honesty and Integrity:

    We believe that a business is not sustainable if it lacks core ethics, principles and transparency. As the trade conducted now is practically borderless, having a strong business partnership is utmost necessary. For us, the most important partners are our customers and we strive to maintain this partnership for years not months.
  7. Market intelligence:

    With a solid and deep understanding of the jute market, we will continuously update you on the current trend, prices and new innovations. We provide you market intelligence regarding when is the right time to buy goods (e.g. expected fall in the jute price) or the right quality (e.g. size and weight). Our professional contacts continuously update us on the current trend in the jute market and we pass on this information to our customers, thereby helping them to stay ahead in the league (e.g. jute demand going up during Olympics).