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Hessian Bag :: Jute product from Vinayak Group
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Hessian Bag

Hessian is a plain weave, finer quality fabric made wholly of jute fiber with a single warp and weft interwoven.  Hessian bag is available as plain, treated (rot-proof), custom-printed, dyed or bleached variety.  This fabric is lighter than sacking cloth due to finer quality. The fabric derives its name “Hessian” from the German state of Hessen.

Hessian bags, also popularly known as burlap in North America and gunny in some countries, are extensively used for packing a wide variety of commodities, e.g. sugar, onion, coffee, cocoa, peanut, food grains, tea, tobacco etc. 


We offer best quality stitched bags as per customers’ requirement.  Due to our extensive experience in stitching bags, we cater to demands of our esteemed customer of making bags of different sizes and quality.

In addition, we also offer specialized service of stitching intricate hessian bags of following quality:


Box bags-

As the name suggests, these special bags have six sides and can be customized on size and weight based on buyer’s requirement.


Spiral bags-

Spiral bags are used heavily in cotton packing industry.  These bags are stitched spirally in form of tubes.  The feature that sets it apart from other bags is to stitch the bag spirally rather than traditional parallel or L stitch.


Sand bags-

Sandbags are used frequently as a temporary protection against flooding.  These bags have tie-string at the mouth for easy bag closing.  Sand and other coarse particles can be packed depending upon the situation. Buyers also have the option to include plastic liner (stitched/unstitched) in the bag.


Wool packs-

Standard wool pack, Australian New Improved Wool Pack, New Zealand Wool Pack

Commonly ordered sizes are: 54”x27”x27” & 43”x20”x20” with lid and custom printing.



Herackle and Overhead (Safety sewing optional)



Natural; Semi-brite, Full-brite, Bleached and Dyed



Upto three colours

We guarantee best quality bags at lowest possible price meeting international quality standards.



Hessian Bag photo gallery

Hessian bag VOT treated
Hessian bag VOT treated
Jute bags packed in roll form and printed
Jute bags packed in roll form and printed
Please check your security!!!
Please check your security!!!