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Leno bags :: Jute product from Vinayak Group
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Leno bags

We started supplying leno bags in 2007 and within a short period, we secured numero position in supplying leno bags used in packing potato and onion.  We have recently started to export leno/mesh bags to foreign buyers attracted by our quality, cost and delivery schedule. Our leno bags are made from the best plastic granules providing superb glossy and translucent finish.  Currently we are sourcing bags which are made in Lohia Starlinger, the best machinery available for making leno bags.  We have the capacity to supply more than 2 million leno bags per month.


Leno bags are popular due to the following characteristics:

  1. Tensile strength- Leno bags possess excellent tensile and burst strength
  2. Light weight- In addition to excellent tensile strength, leno bags are generally lighter in weight.  This reduces transportation and handling costs
  3. Non toxic and chemically inert- Prevents any kind of physical contamination with the packed product.  The packed food are free from odour arising from packing material
  4. Aesthetically appealing- With a glossy/shining finish and a range of colors to chose from, leno bags have a high product visibility
  5. Moisture resistant- Leno bags do not absorb moisture. This aides packed product remaining fresh for a longer period of time
  6. Ventilation- Due to excellent air permeability the packed product holds a longer shelf life
  7. Anti microorganisms- Leno bags prohibits any kind of fungal growth on and inside the bag.  Further, the bags are not attached by insects and rats


Used for packing:

Vegetables:  Onion, Potato, Garlic, Ginger, Tomato, Cabbage, Cauliflower etc.

Fruits: Carrot, Apple, Pineapple, Orange, Coconut, Dates, Raw Mango etc.

Flowers: Rose, Marigold, Jasmine etc.


Other details:

Stitching:  Generally tubular bags or L stitch

               Mouth hemmed

               Bottom folding with single or double stitch

Drawstring- with or without drawstring

Label- Optional on the bag

Color- Options available

Size- As per custom order

Some readily available sizes we stock:

        Breadth x Length (in inches)

holding capacity(in kg)

used for packing

22 x 40



18 x 33



9 x 38



12 x 27



11 x 40



16 x 31




Leno bags photo gallery

Onion Leno/Mesh Bag
Onion Leno/Mesh Bag
Leno bag for packing onion
Leno bag for packing onion
Leno bag for packing potato
Leno bag for packing potato